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Microsoft Still Has Guns for PS3 Launch Not Announced August 1, 2006

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Well Microsoft has more suprises that hasn’t been announced yet according to the European head for Xbox. Maybe a Halo sidescroller shooter, maybe more arcade games, what else? Let the speculation run rampant.

From Gamepro:

Hinting that Microsoft is gunning to spoil Sony’s November PS3 launch, Microsoft’s Richard Teversham confides that he doesn’t want to reveal Microsoft’s strategy for the fast-approaching PS3 launch, as the company wants to “keep a number of surprises up our sleeve.”

But he does offer one hint about Microsoft’s plans for the end of 2006 and the true beginning of the next-generation console war: “We will ensure we are good value, Teversham explains, by offering a “variety of pricing on games, a variety of pricing on console offers.”

But there’s some bad news, too — Teversham again shoots down hopes for an Xbox 360 price drop happening any time in 2006. But he doesn’t hesitate to slam the PS3’s price point, which tops off at $599 US, and guesses that some players would rather buy an Xbox 360 than wait for a PS3 price drop.”



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