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Dpcough Radio Episode #2.5 August 8, 2006

Posted by dpcough in 360 Live News.

Hey everyone. As always thanks for listening once again. This week we had an awesome show for all you loyal listeners but my audio program after recording the 50 minute show goofed on me and deleted all my work. So instead I’ll just explain everything in this post, as this is Dpcough Radio Episode #2.5.

I gave all the rocking news away this week in the world of Xbox and some breaking news as I was recording. For all News though you can go between pages of my site or go look at www.ign.com where that is where I get most of my news but not all from as I am gaining some contact slowly but quickly where I learn of things.

In a couple of episodes we have plans to have someone over from an HD-DVD site to come over here, please send all your questions to dpradio365@gmail.com as I will ask him or her the best Blu-Ray and HD-DVD questions. But since so many people asked about HD-DVD and Blu-Ray I decided to contact Best Buy and ask them about the formats. The guy told me from what he has seen and heard Blu-Ray so far is a bit blurry on buildings and backgrounds but if you have an 1080p TV is the best option. HD-DVD is perfect though if you don’t plan to upgrade to 1080p anytime soon and it is also $500 cheaper and both formats have about the same amount of movies to be released on them. You can also send questions to me as the guy answered a lot for me to dpradio365@gmail.com and if he told me the answer I will respond to it.

Then I contacted 18004MYXBOX since I needed to know how to prevent my 360 from getting the three red lights of death since I did this week once and did a couple of months ago also. They gave the basic don’t move it keep it ventilated but also I was told that you should buy a Nyko Intercooler or a type of fan to plug into the back of the console via USB port. Google it if you are confused what I mean. She highly reccommended I go buy one as it most likely will extend the 360’s life cycle.

In a couple of episodes I would like to have maybe once a month mailbag special so send questions and audio to dpradio365@gmail.com to have answered in a special monthly episode.

Hope you enjoyed #2.5, shame I couldn’t have it in audio but at least I gave you this. Look for episode #3 on Saturday or Sunday!



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