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Gamefly to Ebay August 13, 2006

Posted by dpcough in Xbox/ Xbox 360 General.

I needed to come out and say this but after using Gamefly’s trial recently I am going to have to say I was really disappointed. The centers that ship out the games are on the west coast and it took me five days to recieve my two games then I shipped my games back with six days left so I could get two more games before the trial ran up but they never cleared them from my que. I doubt it takes more then six days to recieve my games. So sorry Gamefly, unless you open up an East Coast Center I’m done with you guys, unless of course they wanted to come on one day and discuss it!

But on a more positive note I need to rant to everyone how I just love Ebay now! I got Perfect Dark Zero for $10, I loved the game but not for $30 or $50. It was quick and easy and the game is on its way. I am an Ebayer of games probably from now on since I reserved Madden for $40 on 360! Just needed to spread the word, uif you wanna buy used go Ebay!



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