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XNA for Everyone August 14, 2006

Posted by dpcough in News.

Late last night or early morning, however you look at it, right before the start of the yearly Microsoft Gamefest Microsoft announced a huge, amazing announcement. XNA Game Studio Express will be availble for all with a Windows XP Computer in beta testing on August 30th, 2006. It will be the first PC to 360 system. Users will be able to make games for their PC then port to their 360. In Spring 2007 a XNA Game Studio Pro version will come out which will start Community Arcade, where you will be able to sell your titles on Xbox 360. But what about hacks and viruses? Microsoft isn’t ready to get to that yet but Microsoft’s tools give them a huge advantage over competitors as it is the only console with the tools. In a Three Console and One PC marketplace the possibilities between the PC and Xbox 360 are huge – It is now the YouTube of games. So will you be making anything or have plans to? E-mail your thoughts to dpradio365@gmail.com or comment and have them read over the show one episode.

See the full press release here.



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