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TGS: 06 September 20, 2006

Posted by dpcough in Microsoft Games, Xbox Live Arcade, Xbox Live Marketplace, Xbox/ Xbox 360 General.

Microsoft’s press conference has officially kicked off TGS: 06. While I won’t be able to keep updating as I head off for school here is what has happened so far:

The Xbox 360 will recieve an update during the Fall Dashboard update that will enable it to display 1080p games. No games with the resolution have been announced yet.

Blue Dragon Will Release In Japan on 12/07. Lost Planet comes out in Japan 12/21. DOAX 2 releases in America 11/15.

The HD-DVD Player will arrive in Japan on 11/12 for 19,800 yen.

Soon PGR3 and Ninety Nine Nights will be bundled with 360 and another package will include Blue Dragon that comes out in Japan this fall, it is better priced then the Nintendo Wii in Japan (which isn’t good considering the Wii is a supercharged Gamecube.)



1. acxrnrbju - September 21, 2006


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