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Microsoft Game Studios Need To Make More Games September 22, 2006

Posted by dpcough in Microsoft Games, Xbox/ Xbox 360 General.

If you purchased an Xbox 360 console on Day 1 you were most likely a very harcore fan as many of us were or various other reasons. Microsoft rolled out three big titles, two of them huge sequels PGR3, Kameo: Elements of Power, and PDZ. The games were very solid launch titles but the main reason 360s were bought were to play Call of Duty 2.

As time went on huge third party games kept sales steady for the console, Oblivion, GRAW, Dead Rising, Fight Night Round 3, and most recently Madden NFL 07. Those games along with Call of Duty 2 were system sellers. No Microsoft published game came out after launch until August, N3, a Japanese game translated to U.S.A. So far that means only four games have come out for the console from Microsoft, none of these games were big system sellers and we need more.

Microsoft has stressed recently quality over quanity which is true. The only thing is, we need quanity and quality. This holiday season Microsoft is sharp with Gears Of War, Viva Pinata, Fuzion Frenzy 2, Crackdown, and um…. Shadowrun in early 2007! There may be more but none that is in my memory. The quality will definetly be there and will continue with Forza 2, Fable, Halo 3, and PGR4 (search posts, it was announced unofficially). While those games are very good we need more from Microsoft Games then 10 games or so every year.

People buy consoles to play specific games, evidenced by Halo 2 and GTA (when it was a PS2 exclusive). So far Xbox 360 has done well because we are the only next gen platform out so everything is an exclusive from third parties until November 17th, and November 19ths when the Wii and PS3 release. Sure, Capcom is making exclusives and so are other companies but Microsoft doesn’t own them so they could easily slip away to the PS3 other then the Dead or Alive, Project Slypeheed, and Lost Oddessey. There is also Blue Dragon, which is Microsoft published but is very unclear when it is coming to the states.

So when the math adds up we will most likely have about 20 exclusives games a year here on out, but guess what… Sony is making 100 For The PS3. Maybe Microsoft and otherĀ companies saw this so they waited it out to announce and pur more development time into their games. We all know Rare is working on a project, maybe it is Banjo or a Killer game but Microsoft needs more titles if they want to succed. So Microsoft let quality and quanity merge or that may be failure eventually if PS3 has so many more exclusives.



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