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Blue Dragon Starts Saving Japan October 20, 2006

Posted by dpcough in Xbox 360 Accessories, Xbox/ Xbox 360 General.


The highly anticipated Blue Dragon by the Final Fantasy Creator comes out in Japan on 12/7/06, and comes to our lands the year later. Blue Dragon, Trusty Bell, and Lost Oddyssey were highly showcased at the Tokyo Game Show. Blue Dragon is supposed to be the savior in Japan as they all love RPGs and we love Halo.

At TGS Microsoft announced a limited edition bundle for 29,800 Yen (about $250 US) including the Xbox 360 core system and Blue Dragon. In addition there will be a limited bundle, featuring all of that, plus an original table calendar, a special Blue Dragon faceplate, illustrated by Akira Toriyama, and a set of five miniature figures of characters from the game, all at the same price 29,800 yen.

There will be 10,000 of the awesome kind and 100,000 of the other. So who cares? Does this really save Japan? Well it doesn’t but it is because Xbox 360 pre-orders are selling out on the bundle everywhere. From press release:

Microsoft is planning to produce 100,000 of the Blue Dragon hardware bundles, and 10% of these will be the limited set with all the cool Blue Dragon merchandise we mentioned. […] At the end of the first day of pre-orders, most retailers are now sold out of the limited set. One major online retailer sold out of their allotment within five minutes, others managed to last most of the day…

If Microsoft was smart – they’d start making more ultra limited now because they’ll sell. Blue Dragon has started saving Japan. I felt at TGS Xbox 360 had a fresh start and it is showing. With the PS3 and Wii Blue Dragon has as much steam and could get more when the Japanese get no PS3s. I took an invite only survey and was told the components of Blue Dragon that made even me – The RPG hater want to pick it up. This game will be excellent.



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