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Gears of War Completed October 24, 2006

Posted by dpcough in Xbox/ Xbox 360 General.

From Developer Cliffy B.:

“My job as designer of Gears of War is, well, more or less done. I can’t speak to the status of gold or shipping but those of you familiar with development know that at a certain point you’ve just got to let your baby get on the school bus and hope for the best.”

After over a year of hype Gears of War is almost here and Emergence Day will be very soon. Get ready as the game is being manufactured now and I am sure it is moving quickly as Emergence Day ticks down. Congratulations Cliffy B. on completing the game.

I want to use this as a time to clarify Emergence Day though. Emergence Day is November 12, 2006 but the game ships on November 7, 2006. Online retailers ship it out that day so the stores will most likely get it in on the 8th of November or sometime within that time frame. On the 12th all stores will have it though. It is being handled on an individual store basis. Contact your local store to find out.

(NOTE: Viva Pinata also ships this week on the 9th – 2 Blockbuster Titles separated by days!)



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