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More Halo 3 News! EGM Blowout October 27, 2006

Posted by dpcough in halo, Xbox/ Xbox 360 General.

EGM is working quicker now to get the Halo 3 Coverage out there because the Swiss got it out first. I think the EGM Coverage will be good and so will 1up’s 3 Weeks of Halo!

EGM is almost in subscriber’s hands but 1up gave away a few revealations first:

Before all of that information ends up in your hands, though — here’s a small taste of what to expect from both EGM and 1UP over the next few weeks:

  • What are these new Brutish weapons? What’s a Spike Rifle…or a Spike Grenade?
  • The Mongoose (the once-scrapped ATV from Halo/Halo 2) is back: Who wants to ride Brokeback?
  • Halo 3 will have three retail SKUs: standard, collector’s edition, and Legendary. Guess which one comes with a helmet and four discs of content?
  • Adding bumpers to the 360 controller means there’s some extra real estate for Bungie to play with. Now the left bumper reloads your dual-wielded weapon and the right bumper is the normal reload. What does X do, though? Mum.
  • Starting weapon: Bungie thinks they have the “perfect” starting weapon in Halo 3. It’s not the pistol, the battle rifle, or the SMG…and it’s pretty familiar. How does the new Assault Rifle play?
  • One of the new maps, Valhalla, is being called “the new Blood Gulch” — but this isn’t another coat of new paint on the Combat Evolved classic. This is, from-the-ground-up, a brand-new map. How is it?
  • What if you could save your own movies from Halo 3’s single- and multiplayer gameplay and then rewatch them? In Halo 3, you can.
  • I have always said Halo was overated but this one I don’t think will be. This will be the best game ever made. Note to Bungie: Bring Back the Pistol! I like the Assault Rifle but need the pistol. I’ll post more soon when I get my copy of EGM.



    1. Its Cryme Tyme - October 27, 2006


    2. dpcough - October 27, 2006

    Gonna be first to get Halo also?

    3. jerome - October 28, 2006

    3rd and sexiest

    4. Andrew - October 28, 2006

    “Wow! We will get a Halo Helmet! OMG! I can’t wait to dress up as Master Chief with my helmet and four discs.” – Those four disks will look really fine if you hang them on a string and attach them to your arm.

    That’s some fine information! I wonder how much people are going to have to drop for the Legendary set? I’m guessing at least $90-$120… lol.

    I’m looking forward to EGM’s new look 🙂

    5. ExpandedFlame - October 28, 2006

    the helmet isnt wearable.. its for display on a stand, yes I’ve seen a picture of it..

    6. Halo - November 1, 2006

    Where am I? Why am I here? Damn my head Hurts!!!

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