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Blue Dragon Lifts Japan Up November 30, 2006

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TGS 06 started saving Japan for Microsoft with a lot of impressive titles. Japan’s most respected video game magazine rolled out their Blue Dragon reviews today. Blue Dragon had a combined score of 37/40 which is really good. One even gave it a perfect 10. Here are the scores: (translated by www.thexboxdomain.net)

Grade: 9
From the meticulously-woven story to the easy-to-comprehend battles and gentle (game) balance, the title allows even the most basic of beginners to jump right in. Even so, the game’s battles offer a considerable degree of play depth, and other elements such as the enormous number of objects that can be examined will tickle the fancy of gamers. An RPG worthy of being labeled an evolutionary step in the right direction.

Grade: 9
This title shaped up to be a classic visit to the RPGs of old with the latest technology. Of particular mention is the light and gentle nature of the visuals and a (character) growth sytem that compells tinkering by the player with its high degree of freedom. While the presentation and movies in the game do not stand out in particular, the sense of balance experienced while progressing through the game’s story is exquisite.

Grade: 9
A well-balanced RPG that took the direct route and succeeded. Battles are an enjoyable experience thanks to the categories and skills belonging to (the character’s) shadows and a system that allows you to make the enemies fight each other. The moving story is complemented with a variety of events that gradually find their way into your heart. Given this, it was a bit odd to experience actions such as searching an enemy’s poop.

Grade: 10
A pleasing and meticulously-crafted RPG through and through, from the battles to the command setup throughout the game. It’s difficult to come up with another RPG title that barely induces stress even after long hours of play. Toriyama’s art comes to life on the screen, and can be experienced in all its glory in both the movies and battles. Let’s not forget the boss battle tune sung by Ian Gillan!

www.famitsu.com And Blue Dragon has saved Japan. I can’t wait when this game comes out to see all the sellouts in Japan and people in Japan happy they bought a 360 instead of a PS3.

Saving Japan One Gamer At A Time


EA Does A Bit More Micro, For Free November 30, 2006

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I post about EA’s awful ways of handling microtransactions so much on this blog I won’t even put Microtransaction in the title anymore to save me time. Luckily EA realized how stupid they were being and losing more sales. Now according to Sportsgamer they are releasing free downloads for NCAA and Madden in the form of alternative jerseys November 30 for the best price – free. Today is November 30th so let’s hope they get put up onto Marketplace.

All Madden uniforms are either throwback uniforms or alternate uniforms. The throwback uniforms were either the 75th Anniversary uniforms that were worn in the 1994-1995 season; for teams that aren’t 75 years old, the throwbacks were worn in the league, but not during the anniversary season. Alternate uniforms were uniforms teams wore at least once in the 2005 season.

Dashboard Update (aka the 1080p fix) November 30, 2006

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The next time you sign into Xbox Live, you’ll be prompted for a dashboard update. The update contains:

  1. Improved support for HD video output over VGA, including 1080p resolution
  2. Improved plug and play performance for wired headsets when being used with wireless controllers 
  3. Changes made to recently played games list to improve accuracy

This update is being rolled out across the world, so you may not get it exactly at this moment, so be patient.

Halo 3 Beta Details November 30, 2006

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To celebrate Halo’s 5 Anniversary Bungie announced that there would be Halo 3 Multiplayer testing before the game was released, today it was announced starting December 4th you’d be able to sign up for the beta testing at:


Oddly enough that is the night the commericial for Halo 3 will premiere on Monday Night Football. Unfortnately the matchup Philadelphia Eagles vs. Carolina Panthers I am attending so I will not see the commericial. Oh well, tailgating over a commercial. It will be on Xbox Live Marketplace the following day. Let’s hope the Eagles win and we all get accepted to beta Halo 3! What a great night it would be.

Novadrome Racing Onto Live Soon November 29, 2006

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The folks at Gamertagradio revealed today how Novadrome will appear on Xbox Live Arcade by the end of the year, Holiday 2006. It is a vehicle combat game (most likely better than Full Auto) and from how it is described seems to be an excellent fit in the profile of indie games on Xbox Live Arcade. Click more for the overview and features of the game. The price will most likely be 800 Microsoft Points, but that’s fair and worth it.


Texas Hold Em’ Update November 28, 2006

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This week’s Xbox Live Arcade Wednesdays game will be… an update to Texas Hold Em’, nothing to get to excited about but this will help the game out a bit and speed up gameplay making it more fun. Xbox Live Vision Camera support is also being released early 2007.

  • Post the blind and play right away! – Players can now, if they wish, start playing immediately when joining a table by posting the big blind, rather than having to wait for the blind to come to them.
  • New ‘Away’ mode – Players can now set their status to ‘Away’. Hands will be auto-folded and blinds auto-posted until the player returns.
  • New ‘Auto-boot’ mode – Players who continuously let the timer expire (more than three times in a game) will be booted from the table.
  • Faster overall pacing – Timers and messaging durations have been adjusted to speed up game-play among experienced players, but still allow novice players plenty of time to play.
  • Improved blind structure – Initial blinds, as well as blind increases, are now more proportional to table stakes, ensuring more meaningful increases during game-play.
  • Matchmaking improvements – Players are no longer matched into games they cannot afford.
  • Improved interface controls – Improvements to controls, such as increasing/decreasing stake amounts.
  • Leaderboard display – A player’s full winnings and rank are now properly displayed.
  • Art and text improvements – Game art and spelling issues have been addressed.
  • Online exploits addressed – Certain known exploits that enabled cheating have been addressed. As a result, the online multi-player leaderboards will be reset to eliminate inflated scores as a result of these exploits.

Shadowrun Beta November 28, 2006

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Shadowrun has been looking pretty cool and will be undergoing a beta test. It is undergoing a beta test because FASA Studios is the first dev to make use of the Live Anywhere features between a Windows Vista PC and Xbox 360. Here are the details to sign up for the beta from Major Nelson.

1. Visit the beta Web site at http://connect.microsoft.com.
2. Click on “Invitations” on the left-side menu.
3. You will need to sign in using a valid Windows Live ID before you can continue to the “Invitations” page. (If you have already registered for the Connect site, skip to Step 5.)
4. Please read and accept the Terms of Use Agreement then follow the instructions to register for the Connect site.
5. Enter your Invitation ID in the blank field. Your invitation ID is: SHBS-6YMT-YKHC
6. Click “Go.”
7. Complete and submit the short questionnaire. Please enter MAJOR1 for the beta code when asked at the beginning of the questionnaire.
8. If you are not redirected immediately to the Shadowrun Beta Selection homepage after completing the questionnaire, click the My Participations link on the left hand navigation bar and then click the Shadowrun program link.  This will redirect you to the Shadowrun Beta Selection Homepage.
9. Once you are on the Shadowrun Beta Selection Homepage, you will need to complete the rest of the registration process by signing up for the forums by clicking the Join the Forums button then click the Welcome to the Official Shadowrun Community Forum Sign In button.
10. Wait patiently for us to contact you with further instructions.  Check back at http://connect.microsoft.com for further beta announcements.

Please direct all questions to gbetasup@microsoft.com.

Note: You must have an Xbox 360 and be Xbox Live Gold.The image “https://dpcough.files.wordpress.com/2006/11/shadows.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

100,000 Gamerscore Milestone November 28, 2006

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A new milestone for gamerscores on Xbox Live has been broken by StripClubDJ. While playing Superman Returns he got an achievement and hit the 100,000 Gamerscore mark. Hopefully he didn’t cheat because 100,000 Gamerscore is a lot of time spent in video gaming and money. He has played games from Japan and America and it is an achievement for him (mine isn’t even 6,000). Congratulations and enjoy your gaming StripClubDJ.

Viva Pinata Party! November 28, 2006

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Microsoft is throwing a big Viva Pinata promotion with a FREE party in Los Angelos, California at Santa Monica Pier on December 2 from 11-3 P.M. Below are the event details:

  • Play Viva Piñata on Xbox 360 gameplay stations
  • Come face to hoof with a 35’ tall Horstachio Piñata
  • Celebrity guest in attendance to teach children the Viva Piñata dance!
  • Kids get a chance to “pull” a piñata and win a variety of prizes including Xbox 360, Viva Piñata videogame for Xbox 360 and Viva Piñata prize packages (some age restrictions apply)
  • Have your picture taken with Hudson Horstachio, Paulie Pretztail and Fergy Fudgehog from the animated TV series on FOX TV
  • Viva Piñata animated TV series viewing area
  • Face painting, fun activities and more!
  • Kids even enjoy FREE carousel rides during the event
    Xbox 360 Family Settings/Citizenship area for parents to learn more about online safety

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If you go send me pics please at dpradio365@gmail.com

There’s J Allard! November 28, 2006

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Xbox 360 Fan Favorite Top Business Exec. J Allard hasn’t been around at many Xbox 360 events recently and we all wonder why he disappears, he created the Xbox 360 and should get some spotlight. The last sighting was when he appeared on The Apprentice about eight months ago. Now there is another J Allard sighting! He will be in Business Week’s 12/4/06 issue and there is an internet article here.  

He hasn’t been out because he has been working on the Zune and will most likely disappear again to work on Zune 2 (a portable video game player is my guesses!) Nice to see you J, we missed ya. The article discusses mostly the Zune.

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And as another note sorry for lack of posts yesterday, when I planned to do them my servers were undergoing an hour maintence and all my work was put to stall!

The King Gets His Picture November 27, 2006

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Burger King has been getting a lot of talk lately with its three Xbox 360/Xbox games that were released November 19 (The closest Burger King near me is a half hour :(, if I pass one I’ll get the games though) now to further extend the promotion there are gamerpics for Burger King on Xbox Live Marketplace. Make sure you look under Xbox Community so you can download the King and his friends.

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Gears and Arms November 27, 2006

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Gears of War’s momentum has stopped yet as it remains the #1 title on Xbox Live followed by four demos and at #4 the amazing Xbox Live Arcade hit Small Arms. Times are changing in the way we purchase games as evidenced by the amount of people who give demos a try, so devs get your demos great and we’ll buy the game. The Lost Planet one is excellent. (Now that I have ten hours of Viva Pinata in, expect a review on the suprise fantastic Rare game tommorow.)

Xbox 360 Top Live Titles (UU’s)
1 Gears of War
2 Call Of Duty 3
4  Small Arms
5  Rainbow Six Vegas MP Demo
6  Madden NFL 07
8  Call of Duty 2
9  Tony Hawk’s Project 8 Demo
10  Ghost Recon 3