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My First Wii Experience November 6, 2006

Posted by dpcough in Nintendo, Wii.

If you have noticed lately I’ve been Wii happy. Today I was both. I traded in my old Xbox and got $65 for it then pre-ordered Gears of War which my store recieves the 9th. While I was there they had a Wii kiosk out with Excite Truck in it. I had some hands on with Excite Truck and the Wii for the first time ever, in bold is my first Wii experience in the eyes of a Xbox 360 Owner (preview of launch guide, I decided the bottom will be in it:)

The Xbox 360 has two excellent releases with Gears of War and Viva Pinata soon, even Fuzion Frenzy 2. When I went to Gamestop to do a Xbox 360 pre-order I saw something the Nintendo Wii. There was no controller out so I asked the employee. He told me I need to give him something of value so I don’t walk out with the Wiimote. I gave him my car keys and he told me “Please put on the wrist strap.” I was like oh whatever, I didn’t so a minute later he told me to put it on or he’d take the Wiimote away. I put the wriststrap on and started Excite Truck. After getting it to finally work (I forgot you held the Wiimote sideways and kept pressing the D-pad incorrectly.) I chose the Excite Race and did two courses. I immediately got the feel of the game right away. You tilt the Wiimote to move and hold in 2 to accelarate and up on the D-Pad to use bursts when you get them. As simple as it was it was one of the best games I ever played. The whole time I was excited, tilting and turning. I got points for crashes and there were plently of boosts. The environments were full and widely open allowing me to take multiple paths. Then I finished both races in first place.

Even though it was only a small dose I have realized Nintendo’s statement is true – playing is believing. I didn’t care that there was no HD visuals, I didn’t care there was no online support, and I didn’t care I looked like an idiot moving my body and the controller around to drive. It was a ton of fun and I can’t wait for the Wii. It’s hard to believe it is less than two weeks now. I’m not Ready, I’m Wiieady.

Look for the Launch Guide soon and impressions of games and the console. Coming to you between the Gears of War matches!


1. Santiago - December 4, 2006

Hi All Experts,I need help…
1. what kind of cables does the Wii come with?
2. Is there a VGA-adapter coming out anytime soon?
3. If i use the s-video cable, will the remote still sense the screen on which my projector projects the image onto?
Cheers and thanks in advance.

2. dpcough - December 5, 2006

1. 480i cables (red,yellow,white
2.if vga means 480p nintendo sells them in their online shop
3. remote senses screen based on sensor bar and remote machnics.

3. parrott - December 27, 2006

So Wii or 360? Any thoughts from a person who obviously games a fair bit?

4. dpcough - December 27, 2006

I game a fair bit, wii and 360 are close. it is wheter you want mario, metroid, zelda or gears of war and halo with better graphics. the controller is a lot of fun. both are great systems and 360 has mroe games on it now making it the better choice of systems to me

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