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TV Shows and Movies on Xbox Live Marketplace November 7, 2006

Posted by dpcough in Xbox Live Marketplace.

On November 22, 2006 (one full year of Xbox 360) CBS will launch CSI, Survivor, Jerichro, and Star Trek onto Xbox Live Marketplace in Standard and HD verisions. A preview is now on Xbox Live Marketplace for it, launching TV shows onto Xbox Live. No pricing has been announced yet but Jimmy Neutron is availble in Belgium and Netherlands for 80 points an episode currently. We’ll have more as the story unfolds and more television shows are announced.


By the end of the year there will be over 1,000 Hours of Content. The content is listed below. The partners are MTV, Nickelodeon, CBS, Paramount Pictures, Warner Brothers Pictures, Comedy Central, UFC, Nascar, Cartoon Network, and VH1.

  • For the first time, consumers will get an integrated gaming and entertainment experience on a gaming console that includes downloadable high-definition TV shows and movies. This new full-length content adds to the ever expanding number of choices gamers have on their Xbox 360, whether they want to play games or play a movie on a disc or as a download in high definition or standard definition. 
  • For the first time, CBS will deliver high-definition download-to-own TV shows including “CSI,” “Jericho,” “Numb3rs” and re-mastered “Star Trek” episodes – buy them and watch them again and again
  • For the first time on any platform, NASCAR.COM will deliver download-to-own condensed versions of select NEXTEL Cup races from “Race Rewind”.
  • For the first time, the Ultimate Fighting Championship will make 50 of its most intense fights available for download as well as select episodes from the original season of “The Ultimate Fighter” reality series.
  • The TV Shows being offered are:

  • “Robot Chicken” and “Aqua Teen Hunger Force” from Adult Swim
  • “CSI,” “Survivor” and “Star Trek” from CBS
  • Emmy and Peabody Award-Winning “South Park” and “Chappelle’s Show” from COMEDY CENTRAL
  • “The Real World” and “Pimp My Ride” from MTV
  • ”Avatar: The Last Airbender” and ”SpongeBob SquarePants” from Nickelodeon
  • “Skyland” and “The Nicktoons Network Animation Festival” from Nicktoons Network
  • “Nacho Libre” and “Jackass: The Movie” from Paramount Pictures
  • “Carpocalypse” and “Raising the Roofs” from Spike TV
  • “Race Rewind” provided by NASCAR.COM
  • Select episodes of the original season of “The Ultimate Fighter” reality series and the “UFC: All Access” shows from the UFC
  • “Breaking Bonaduce” and “Hogan Knows Best” from VH1
  • “The Matrix,” “Superman Returns” and “Batman Forever” from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment
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