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Gears of War To See Halo Matchmaking? November 9, 2006

Posted by dpcough in Microsoft Games.

Gears of War is a hit and incredible. We can all declare that by now. Everyone gets frustrated with its system to let you play online. That is how all Xbox 360 titles have been so far. GamerAndy was talking to Epic’s Mark Rein. You should know by know MS made Epic do the matchmaking like this but there is still hope the Halo 2 Matchmaking happens, and these were the comments:

Gamer Andy: Actually, I do have a question for you if you don’t mind
MarkRein: Sure, whats on your mind?
Gamer Andy: Well, I’m kinda a hardcore team guy when it comes to games like this, and one of the things I enjoyed most about Halo 2 was how easy it was to play all night with your friends against other people and have it still be really competitive… For as much fun as unranked games are, I think people take games more seriously and generally try harder when they think somethings on the line
MarkRein: Yeah, Microsoft came to us and said there would be alot of cheaters if we did it that way so for right now this is how it is. In the future we might roll out some additional functionality
Gamer Andy: Oh, thats such a dirty tease
MarkRein: Yep

If you have Gears of War and want to play with your friends in Ranked Matches open up a Private Chat with them. Then host a game and tell your friend to do custom search and click on the correct gamertag of the host. I’ve been doing that for a bit know. That’s my tip for know, let’s hope it becomes like Halo Matchmaking soon – then we won’t need to do the extra work.



1. Mookie - December 31, 2006

Im against Randomized Teams. I feel this just makes a hobby already known for causing anti-social behaviour even worse. “Play Together” isnt that one of xbox motto’s? Or was it sony? No idea, but the motto makes sense. I hope for Halo2 type system with harsher penalties for cheating. Maybe Mr.Gates comes to your house and smashes your Xbox apart. 😀

2. Joe B - April 18, 2007

Would really like to see this also.

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