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Viva Piñata… Downloadable Content? November 10, 2006

Posted by dpcough in Xbox Live Marketplace.

Yesterday when I was looking through Xbox Live Marketplace I saw Viva Piñata Accessory Pack 1. I thought oh cool, like Dead Rising I guess. It’s free content that just needs to be unlocked and can be downloaded for free. Then I saw the price – 90 points. The size of this download is 108.00 KB meaning it is on the disc but needs to be unlocked. I don’t know the full meaning of this, wheter it can be bought using in-game currency or it can only be bought on Marketplace but this trend is becoming disturbing. If it is on the disc let it be. I don’t mind paying for content. Just work on that content after you make the code gold and ready for retail.

Hopefully this content is free in the future. I won’t care about one little accessory pack. Please don’t do it again Rare. One piece of content is fine since the game was only $50 9not $60) just don’t do it again.

The game is a lot of fun though. Go buy it and check it out. Viva Piñata!

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[…] As you may have noticed in the past, I am not a massive fan of micro-transaction. I feel that many micro-transactions rip gamers off unless they add a good bit of content to a game. Examples of this are the Horse Armour for Oblivion and the Viva Pinata Accessory Packs, both of which have come under heavy critism for costing money while adding very little to the game. […]

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