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Getting Wiieady November 11, 2006

Posted by dpcough in 360 Live News.

With every gaming site (IGN, 1UP, Gamespot, and so many more if I listed them all I wouldn’t find them all until tonight.Rest assured you will still see a launch guide for the Wii in the eyes of an Xbox 360 owner even if my unit never shows up. To celebrate the release of the Nintendo Wii I have begun to play around with the name. The name up top is um… bad. Wii Live and 360 Live and what the site will be for a bit but if you have some ideas please feel free to comment away. It’s hard to believe in little over a week everyone will have a Wii. We’re wiieady or ready whatever you want to say the wait is almost over.

Maybe I’ll get my Wii today, I hope so I can start my guide for you the community who matters.

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1. Voluted - November 11, 2006

I’m looking forward to the guide! Get your Wii soon, I’m on the edge wheter to get this or ps3, hope the guide helps. name is fine

2. rashadlogic - November 11, 2006

>It’s hard to believe in little over a week everyone will have a Wii.

Not me. I still consider the Wii as a “sidekick” system to the more superior systems that is 360 and PS3. Though, I will probably buy it still, but not in a while.

Also, if you haven’t reserved Zelda: Twilight Princess, yet [which claim to be the greatest Zelda game, ever] you have to either wait or go out and buy it with the bundle…which costs 700 dollars.

I rather wait…

3. Rollin - November 11, 2006

There’s no way anything for Wii will sell out — not the system, any games, or accessories. That thing is so plentiful, and there’s been almost zero ads for it. There are enough for the hardcore who are hyped and they will all get what they want with no issue. Guaranteed.

Not even Zelda will sell out.

4. dpcough - November 12, 2006

the Wii won’t sell out its games rashadlogic. The system will on launch but there’ll be plenty of it everywhere.

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