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Interview: Intendo’s Rollin November 12, 2006

Posted by dpcough in Live Gamer Interviews.

Today I’d like to announce a new form of media for you. It is called the Live Gamer Interviews. To start it off we welcome Intendo’s own Rollin to discuss the Wii and Xbox 360 in gaming. He’s got a pretty cool mind that bounces around. Enjoy the interview, we’ll have more in the future. Here’s a Wii and 360 Compared! The first two questions are listed, click more for the full interview. Comment away

Dpcough: Hey Rollin, welcome to Live Gamer as we’re being called now, but with the way I’ve been the name I’ll be changed in a week. How’s it going?

Rollin: So-so, been hangin in there. Site’s doing well.

Dpcough: Yeah, I can understand where you are coming from – same here. First start off by telling us about your blog Intendo.

Rollin: Well, Intendo’s tagline is “the anti-fansite”. And what we mean by that is we want our site to be the place for those gamers who get embarrassed by others of similar interests when they run their mouths. In other words, we want the non-fanboy Nintendo lovers to have somewhere they can discuss and dissect Nintendo’s dealings without getting yelled at by some troll on a forum – which is the way we feel elsewhere.

Dpcough: So all our frequent Xbox readers of my site can come to your site and discuss Nintendo?

Rollin: Oh sure, most definitely. We talk about everyone, even though we are a Nintendo site, we feel that’s the only way to be fair to all of them.

Dpcough: Do you have a 360, if you do what is your gamertag

Rollin: I don’t, it’s a little pricey for me, it is the games really that are pricey. I can’t stand 60 dollar games.

Dpcough: It is only $10 more for games though on the Xbox 360. The Wii will be good with Zelda and Mario but the graphics aren’t that good. You have to agree Nintendo is ripping us off with the $250 price tag. What do you think of the price tag?

Rollin: Heh, well I don’t mind the price tag. I do think it’s high because Wii Sports is thrown in, which adds about a $35 value and a $50 bump in retail price. It’s what they wanna do [Nintendo], so I don’t mind. Plus, I’m a tennis fan. As far as 360 goes, I think 50 is high enough as it is, and that extra 10 adds up over time. I’m of the thinking that games should be 20 dollars – no matter the production values.

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Dpcough: For the $10 adding up I understand on EA Games since they want another game in microtansactions BUT Yea but the Wii is a cool system with Xbox Hardware that only costs $150.

Rollin: Ha, i wouldn’t say that, but i see what you mean.

Dpcough: So the Wii passes the Xbox in terms of graphics?

Rollin: Actually Wii’s hardware is give or take with Xbox specs. There are some aspects of the CPU/GPU that are lacking on one that are abundant in the other. I believe Wii has a better graphics chip, while Xbox still has a processing advantage or so the developers say.

Dpcough: You are correct there. Speaking of the graphics of the Wii though, how do you feel about Gears of War with the incredible next-gen graphics?

Rollin: I think Gears of War is mind-blowingly good.

Dpcough: The 360 owners are all very proud – it is a killer app and always fun while Zelda can be boring at points.

Rollin: Heh, well I can see why you’d think that, and I agree somewhat, but it’s a different offering. I do miss those visual capabilities of other machines compared to Wii.

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Dpcough: And the Wii is only $50 less than a 360, not that affordable if you ask me for meager graphics.

Rollin: Is that true? The core is but I don’t consider it a system.

<!–[if !supportEmptyParas]–>Dpcough: I don’t, but Bill Gates does and so does Sony since they copied off of the model. <!–[endif]–>

<!–[if !supportEmptyParas]–>Rollin: Well Bill Gates isn’t the consumer, so he can think what he wants. If I were to buy a 360, I’d only consider the premium, which is something I think the PS3 has an edge in vs. 360 because the PS3 has two solid versions while the Core 360 wastes shelf space.

Dpcough: So the PS3 has an advantage over the Wii, 360 over the Wii but the Wii stresses gameplay which we can both agree on. What is your most anticipated title for the Wii’s launch and after? <!–[endif]–>

Rollin: None actually. I don’t think Nintendo did a good enough job getting some really new, exciting games for Wii’s North American launch.

Dpcough: Not a Wii Sports fan, Zelda Fan, or an Excite Truck fan? I played Excite Truck in my local Gamestop – it was great!

Rollin: Yea well every impression I hear about that is mixed, so I’m cautious. Also I’ve seen a lot of videos for it and it seems to me as if you can’t ever get full control of your truck. Zelda I can wait for, I’m not really jumping up for it. Wii sports will be fun with friends. I wanted Elebits but it misses launch.

Dpcough: You don’t seem that big of a Nintendo fan, then why buy the console and blog on it?

Rollin: Ha, i get that a lot, believe me. Thing is, I’m ecstatic over the hardware itself and the Japanese get a sweet launch lineup, but America got the short end of the games stuck to get the first batch of consoles. Zelda is what this launch is resting on, and I don’t agree with that, but I know how much potential is in that controller and I can’t wait for it to prove everyone right. Plus I’m also a long-time Nintendo fan and know what they can put out.

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Dpcough: The potential for the Wii is certainly there and I see it also. I am camping out to get it on Day One like I did with the Xbox 360. I know you are getting a Wii but do you have any plans to get an Xbox 360?

Rollin: I heard rumors of a 360 price drop on Amazon. I’d buy a 360 in a second. The Wii wins me over because of free online, cheaper games, and cheaper accessories.

Dpcough: Besides Gears of War, would you plan on getting any other games like Viva Piñata? That is a Nintendo like game.

Rollin: It’s not much like Nintendo but it’s colorful. Name some other 360 titles.

Dpcough: Shadowrun, Crackdown, Fuzion Frenzy 2, Forza Motorsport 2, Lost Planet, those and many others are coming out soon.

Rollin: Lost Planet looks cool. I don’t know much on them though. The other games are pretty cool but not my type. That is the Xbox problem. They tend to lean on a certain trend of games, which in turn determines what their consumer is. In that respect lies their problem with Japan also.

Dpcough: Did you hear of the possible Microsoft purchase of Japanese powerhouse Capcom?

Rollin: Well, I think it’s unnecessary for Microsoft to do such a thing1st because I don’t think they need to secure Capcom like that. Second, because it would dilute Capcom’s talents. Capcom supports 360 enough already. Buying Capcom would seem desperate.

Dpcough: I enjoy Xbox Live Arcade a lot with all the games and many more are coming. The Virtual Console for Nintendo is going to be good also. What one of the two do you think is better?

Rollin: Nintendo promised some of the original downloadable games. Plus features like Live supports, so I’m hoping that they fulfill that promise. If they do, Nintendo wins hands down. The appeal of every major Nintendo system, as well as Genesis and TG16, is too big for Microsoft to compete with the home console business killed the arcade for a reason, and Live Arcade consists mostly of old arcade games. Ps3 though, has em both beat with original content. The points system of 360 and Wii are, pardon the pun, but pointless [EDITOR’S NOTE: The points for Microsoft are so they can expand into all countries. I have no clue why Nintendo is doing points.]

Dpcough: All right. Thanks a lot for your time today Rollin. I’ll make a point to talk to you in the future on the Wii and Xbox 360 with comparison. Do you have any closing comments?

Rollin: I just want to tell everyone to lose all the fanboy BS, go into the next-gen with empirical data of what you enjoy with the new systems. That is to say, try all 3 out for yourself and don’t let people on forums sway you. Don’t miss out on great software because of a flame war. And if you already feel that way and think that there’s no place for you, why don’t you stop by Intendo and give us a shot. Consider it “Fanboys Anonymous”. The next generation starts next week with every console out, and it’s gonna kill. Be good.

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