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Holiday 2006: Nintendo Wii Games November 18, 2006

Posted by dpcough in Wii.

I’d like to debut a new feature today, Buying Guides. They will be featured at least once every season (there are four seasons). This buying guide explore the games you should buy for the Nintendo Wii this holiday season.

Even though we are 360 Fans at this site the Nintendo Wii offers a new way to play, even though it will be weak on online support unlike Xbox Live it is fun.  We can’t ignore fun and here are the top five games you can get this holiday season.

Top 5 Wii Games for This Holiday Season

1. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Link is back again as himself in what is the spirtual sequel to one of the best games of all time, “The Ocarina of Time.” Link is stuck between the twilight dimension and Hyrule in this epic adventure with a new way to control Link with the Wiimote. For the first time ever you also play as a Wolf which is how Link is in the twilight world. This epic game promises over 50 Hours of Gameplay and for most people at least 70 or 80. While it is a major time investment, it doesn’t matter because it is fantastic.

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2. Excite Truck

Excite Bike was a title for the NES and focused on High Jumps, now the sequel Excite Truck is the same but with trucks and is off terrain racer with huge landscapes, many trucks, and the driving feels great with its arcade style jumping and boosting.

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3. Rayman Raving Rabbids.

The first non platformer in the Rayman series Rayman Raving Rabbids is 70 Mini Games with a few platforming levels as Rayman is captured and forced to dances, toss cows, and entertain the Rabbids. There is also four player party games included.

4. Wii Sports

Everyone will be playing Wii Sports. It is a pack-in with the Nintendo Wii and it includes five different sports games. Tennis, golf, boxing, bowling, and baseball are in this package with multiplayer support. The game utilizes the Wiimote’s unique abilities to make realistic game types.

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5. Madden NFL 07

I’ve played Madden every year, it’s always the same thing. Why do I need to buy it twice this year? Well Madden on the Wii is vastly different with everything tailored to the Wiimote to make a unique and realistic way to play football games on a console in ways you never thought before.



1. Rich - November 28, 2006

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