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Novadrome Racing Onto Live Soon November 29, 2006

Posted by dpcough in Xbox Live Arcade, Xbox Live Marketplace.

The folks at Gamertagradio revealed today how Novadrome will appear on Xbox Live Arcade by the end of the year, Holiday 2006. It is a vehicle combat game (most likely better than Full Auto) and from how it is described seems to be an excellent fit in the profile of indie games on Xbox Live Arcade. Click more for the overview and features of the game. The price will most likely be 800 Microsoft Points, but that’s fair and worth it.

Blast, smash and crash your way to victory as you fight for survival among friends and foes alike in the arenas of Novadrome. Abducted by robots from the planet Nova, you must stop your captors before they launch a full-scale invasion against Earth. Use your speed, wit and determination to defeat robot gladiators and other abductees in a series of combat-driving competitions in high-powered armored vehicles equipped with front-mounted automatic weapons.

Destroy others or be destroyed in the arenas of Novadrome.

Key Features:

* Their world is your playground – Frantic 8-player combat driving action set in a far-out alien world
* Play against your friends and blow them up
* More than 20 off-road buggy style vehicles
* 15 arenas full of non-stop, furious action – Combat arenas feature upgrades, power-ups, obstacles and mines
* A wide range of dynamic vehicle-mounted weapons – Destroy your enemies and acquire their weapons as power-ups
* Adrenaline-pumping boss encounters – Humans in vehicles versus a variety of gladiatorial robot opponents to battle
* Multiple gameplay modes and event types to choose from – Career mode, Arcade Challenge, Free Play, and Multiplayer Modes
* Top of the class – Experiment with the various modes and master your gameplay to top the online Novadrome leaderboards

GAME PUBLISHER: Buena Vista Games
DEVELOPER: Stainless Games Ltd.

GENRE: Vehicle Combat
SHIP DATE: Holiday 2006

RATING: Rating Pending
PLAYERS: 1-8 (Online multiplayer)
GAME PLATFORMS: Xbox 360™, downloadable from Xbox Live Arcade



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