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Square Enix Developing 2 360 Titles? December 13, 2006

Posted by dpcough in Xbox/ Xbox 360 General.

A poster on the Xbox.com message boards posted something he found on a Japanese gaming site. It is a rumor on how Square Enix is currently developing 2 Xbox 360 titles:

“Far from being an ardent and vocal supporter of Microsoft’s consoles, Square-Enix has largely avoided both Xbox and Xbox 360 (aside from the MMO Final Fantasy XI…which ironically was largely avoided by Xbox 360 gamers).

Such a stance may be changing however, with reports from one Japanese publication suggesting that Square-Enix may be working on two unannounced Xbox 360 titles…though further details weren’t revealed.

Square-Enix themselves are yet to confirm the report, which comes just a day after the publisher announced that Dragon Quest IX would be released exclusively on Nintendo DS.

We’ll have more news shortly…

We’ll have more news shortly, they say? Who knows, this is a good sign as the PS3 is struggling in Japan and instead of publishing a title on PSP they are opting for DS titles more recently. Maybe a 360 game will be announced and help turn the tide more in Japan.
[Via TVG]

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1. PSP Dude - January 7, 2007

Is everyone ditching PSP for xbox?

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