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No Christmas Eve Presents from Epic December 17, 2006

Posted by dpcough in Microsoft Games, Xbox Live Marketplace.

Our postings earlier were that Gears of War would get a patch and some new additional content on Christmas Eve free of charge. According to Epic’s VP Mark Rein today he dispelled all rumours and put them to rest. There will be no content for Gears of War most likely by the end of the year. His posting on the Gears of War message boards:

This is a hoax. We’ve already stated that we are working on releasing an update soon but we don’t know the exact date of the release yet because it has not passed certification yet.

I wish the fan sites and online media would check with me first before they post stuff like this. Pretty much all of them have at least my email address (if not my phone number) and I check mail many, many times throughout the day.

I don’t have Mark Rein’s e-mail or phone number but maybe Mike (thrills killa) does. Sorry Mark for not checking up on you first, take a deep breath and good luck with your content. We look forward to seeing it soon, since it is in certification you stated that means it is coming out when it finishes the testing so I expect it early January Mark. If I am incorrect I will tell everyone, you should have my e-mail.



1. Max - June 1, 2007

At first i did not think ti was good, but all my friends said it was amazing so i got it and found out it was. but it hard to fight in that way so im trying to get good at it. Also the locust are pretty scary lol. I hate the berserkers. There annoying to beat

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