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MGS4 Rumors: My Thoughts December 18, 2006

Posted by dpcough in Rumors.

Over the past few days MGS4 Rumors have been everywhere. A representative from Konami has know responded saying it is a PS3 exclusive. But it is time to face the reality, it is not a PS3 exclusive – it will be but for a time period if at all. PS3 by my estimates (assuming about 5 Million PS3s out next year) there will definetly not be enough PS3s out there for Konami to profit enough, they’d lose money.

So EGM, Noooz, and just about every other media outlet has stated MGS4 is headed to Xbox 360 at some point. Noooz is run by a former Sony employee who stated back in May Assassain’s Creed would be on Xbox 360 also months in advance of other columns. It isn’t wheter it is coming on to Xbox 360, it is becoming a matter of when it will hit Xbox 360, we can be sure it will because Xbox 360 will have (by the time of the release) about an installed base of 15 Million, a fantastic base to make significant profits. 360 Owners flock to great games (Gears of War 2 Million in a Month with Viva Pinata picking up steam slowly but surely and most 360 titles in top tens.)

Here is the Live Gamer Verdict – MGS4 will come to Xbox 360, Kojima himself said it is technically possible. So now it is a matter of when and how soon Konami will make the jump to Microsoft’s Xbox 360.



1. Masamune - February 7, 2007

Don’t even dream about it!:)

2. dpcough - February 7, 2007

PS3 Fanboy! or Konami Spokesperson….

3. NUnya Biznes - April 7, 2007

sorry ALL nothing but rumors. Kojima said so in his latest interview.
According to him the 360 can’t handle this game and it’s only wishful thinkin on the part of 360 owners.

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