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2 AM Brutes December 20, 2006

Posted by dpcough in halo.


Just when you thought the Halo commericial would be the last you’d see of Halo this year Bungie decides to go and put a “Vidoc” (video documentary in bungie terms) onto Xbox Live Marketplace tommorow. Because it is Halo there are many ways they phrased it and it is very in-depth for a promo explanation and reasons of it isn’t finished and the usual Bungie disclaimers. Here they are straight from Bungie:

· There are no finished graphics in the documentary, and everything you see is a work in progress.

· This will be available initially only on Xbox Live Marketplace.

· The first version of the Vidoc, US English, will be live at 2am, PST.

· The rest of the localized language versions will be parceled out afterwards, hopefully within 24 hours. Please be patient.

· We will make another, non-marketplace version available relatively soon.

· It runs for seven minutes.

· Standard definition and high definition variants will be available.

The video features the Brute and we will love fighting as them according to Bungie. The video will feature a peek at the campaign with everything a WORK IN PROGRESS, it is more to see philosphy and design elements Bungie stated. So get ready tonight for the Halo 3 Content headed our way. Thanks for the Christmas present Bungie.

Frankie promised to answer more questions tommorow.



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