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Wii Opera Browser – 360 Needs One December 23, 2006

Posted by dpcough in 360 Live Reviews.

As you may be aware if you are a frequent reader I own a Nintendo Wii. Today I heard about the web browser trial being released so I jumped on the chance to download it and check it out. It was my first purchase from the Wii Shop Channel and it went as smoothly as Xbox Live Marketplace and even had a better looking setup, but then again. How can you not have a better looking set-up with so few content in the Shop Channel? The first big download hit the Nintendo Wii in the Web Browser trial today.

The Nintendo Wii has an Opera Web Browser and I have been skeptical about viruses getting onto my consoles and the threats internet can cause to a device but it is actually a nice touch to the system and pretty cool when you are looking at my site really big on the TV monitor. The web browser was efficent and worked easily. Click, click, click, do some typing and the Wii even has word recognition that even includes the terms wiiconnect24 and Donkey Kong.

The whole experience was enjoyable, of course I couldn’t upload pictures to my site but I didn’t care because I don’t have pictures stored on my Wii. I could even play Duck Hunt on my Wii because a site made a flash verision that worked with the Wii pointer, now if only they could make a light gun for the Wii, I’d have my favorite game.

The Wii Web Browser is a simple, clean, easy, and unique experience for a console. The PS3 has one and I have seen it in use, it feels to cluttered with to many things for a console and especially on a controller that feels like a piece of paper but this is about the web browser not how bad the PS3 is.

After using the Wii browser for about a half hour when it loaded quickly and worked efficently I realized while Microsoft’s Xbox Live is ahead of the Wii’s online functions they certainly do need a web browser. It adds more experience, plus you could get pics off a camera and music is saved on the HDD adding more functions. Quite point blank I can tell you how good the Wii web browser is. Its sleek, the favorites tab saves some time, and is a great addition to the Nintendo Wii (the first good online addition.)

I love the browser but imagine one on Xbox 360 still and that’d it be better, this web browser is as good as it gets on a console but I want Xbox 360 to have one so I feel this browser is missing the Xbox Live feel I’ve become used to from my shiny sleek 360. There are really no complaints, just Microsoft could pull off a better one. (come on! they just released IE 7, just insert code into line C and boom – web browser on Xbox 360 via Dashboard Update.)

Final Verdict – 8 Out of 10 Stars

+ Works quickly and efficent, no complaints. 

– Misses Xbox Live Feel I’ve Become Used to In Online Gaming, if you have Xbox Live you know what I mean



1. chaplainandrews - December 23, 2006

I think you hit the nail on the head…why deosn’t 360 have an IE7 like browser? They are Microsoft, aren’t they? Good article.

2. Higgy76 - December 24, 2006

Ya ji think we need one 2, I would also like a news/weather/sports blade.

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