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Philadephia Eagles December 26, 2006

Posted by dpcough in 360 Live News.

I know this is a gaming blog, while a Live Gamer blog but being a Philadelphia Eagles fan I need to discuss them today. After a slow start to the season, 5-6, the Philadelphia Eagles have taken off and have now beaten Dallas to win four straight under Jeff Garcia. Everyone counted them out off the playoffs at 5-6 when they were crushed by the Colts 45-21, but what happened? How have they gotten so good they can beat the Dallas Cowboys 23-7, Giants 36-22, and Redskins 21-19 – all on the road. They were the first team to ever win three straight division games on the road – in December. What happened to them?


Well Andy Reid started mixing the run with the pass and Jeff Garcia has exceled at quarterback. While Donovan McNabb is a great quarterback I have always though under him we couldn’t win a championship because you didn’t know which McNabb would show up, the McNabb who throws to interceptions to Ronde Barber and vomits, or the McNabb who throws five TDs. With Jeff Garcia we know what we are getting. He is a tough quarterback who doesn’t make the bad mistake and will scramble to get the extra yards if no one is open. His elbow was bleeding and he went back in.

Jeff Garcia doesn’t make the mistake, sure he can only throw the ball twenty yards or less, but he does a fantastic job and keeps the offense on the field so the defense can stay fresh and get rest (something the Eagles did not do under McNabb, the defense played the whole game and looked dead.) Garcia has taken over leadership and given this team life and a home playoff game if, not if WHEN the Eagles win next week most likely against the Giants of the Cowboys in round 1. The home crowd will get behind the team and we will win. From there I don’t know, but this Eagles team has had a lot happen. Now we need to get more out of Garcia. This team clinched a playoff spot and has a good shot to make the Super Bowl, but let’s not get ahead but the Eagles have had a lot happen, and I like the shot this team has. Get out the NFC EAST Champions 2006 out, that 2004 one was getting old.




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