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PS3s Everywhere and Cousin’s 1000 Doesn’t Hit December 29, 2006

Posted by dpcough in PS3.

Today lots of websites are reporting how PS3s are sitting in stores not being sold with picture evidence from Joystiq that made Digg’s front page. Well I have an experience.


If you are a gamer you know the PS3 is expensive and only has one game on it that is good that the 360 does not in Resitance Fall Of Man but it isn’t worth the price of the PS3, only if you are rich you got a PS3 when it came out. On December 20, 2006 my cousin purchased a PS3 and put it on eBay at the Buy It Now Price of $1,000 and no one bought it as PS3s are selling for as low as $680 now on eBay. So my rich friend who will not be named, I’ll call them the family with 8 BMWs, offered to purchase the PS3 at retail price because they could not find them anywhere. My cousin couldn’t afford the $650 and didn’t want the PS3 because he had a 360 so he shipped it to the family with 8 BMWs at the price of $680 which wasn’t even a profit with shipping and taxes the PS3 cost.

Point is, the PS3 is not selling. My father called me up today when he was at Gamestop returning a broken game asking me if I wanted one because they had just gotten more PS3s and they weren’t selling there so they had more. I happily said no because I have an Xbox 360 and Wii and New Computer so I don’t need one. I’m glad I made the right choice as the PS3 is now crashing and burning, no one wants one and Sony is losing money. The Buy It Now of $1,000 didn’t hit, but Sony’s marketshare has taken a sharp hit and fall.



1. InvisibleMan - December 29, 2006

Well, “crashing and burning” might be a little too harsh…

The thing with the PS3 is that, because it is so expensive, gamers feel they can wait to get one until a killer app shows up for it.

2. dpcough - December 29, 2006

Well, “not succeeding so far” instead of crash and burn. lol

3. St33v - January 13, 2007

Good thing you emphasized that your friend’s family owns 8 bmws lawl

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