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Live Gamer Awards 06 – Sleeper Game January 1, 2007

Posted by dpcough in Live Gamer Awards 06.

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Sleeper Game – Viva Pinata


Every year there are many great games and one that isn’t played by many. This year the game that no one played but was one of the best Xbox 360 titles was Viva Pinata. The game was developed by Rare and brought it back to its former self with excellent compelling gameplay and a lot of depth in creating a garden and attracting pinatas. The game wasn’t played by many due to its looks making people think it was for the younger crowd only but it wasn’t. Viva Pinata hit the one part of all humans – the joy of discovery. Microsoft has made clear of its plans with Viva Pinata, they intend to have it as a new franchise with its television shows, merchandise deals, and there is even a rumor that Holiday 2007 will feature a Viva Pinata kart racing game. Viva Pinata isn’t a franchise that will fade soon and shouldn’t. It was in the top five games of 2006 and you need to play it, stop sleeping.


Live Gamer Awards 06 will continue, remember scroll down to win a One Month Xbox Live extension or to create a new subscrption. Live Gamer, bigger and better in 07 but 06 needs to come to a close first!

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