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Buy Viva Pinata January 4, 2007

Posted by dpcough in Xbox/ Xbox 360 General.

Rare isn’t collapsing but two of the three founders left the company today and shouldn’t have. Rare has produced great Xbox 360 titles. Perfect Dark Zero and Kameo weren’t perfect, but compared to the PS3 launch-lineup and all Wii Titles (except Zelda) they are better than a lot of the early titles. If Rare had more time they’d even be better but time has gone on and Perfect Dark Zero sold well, Rare’s latest Xbox 360 game Viva Pinata has not. I could explain a lot and go on and on and on. I’ll just sum it up: Buy Viva Pinata, I don’t care how it may be to cute for you. If you play it you will like it. It’s that simple. Don’t say: there’s no demo, because a demo wouldn’t do the game justice at all as the beginning is a bit of bore for a half hour. Just buy it. It is one of the best 360 titles (and Live Gamer’s Sleeper Pick of 06′, more award to follow.)

Viva Pinata is hard to explain to the hardcore, casual gamer, and everyone. So I’ll explain it to you:




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