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Xbox 360 V2 Revealed and I’m Mad January 5, 2007

Posted by dpcough in Xbox/ Xbox 360 General.

Today Engadget got ahold of a picture that is apparently an upgraded version of Xbox 360, code-named the “Zephyr.” It hasn’t been annouced and can be filed as a rumor until CES when I expect it to be announced.


Apparently the system will feature a 120 GB HDD and an HDMI port to fully view 1080p and will be released “soon” (CES Annoucement anyone?) This news makes sense as an issue of OXM reported the same settings months ago for a new 360 and they also hinted of a DVR-Tivo functions for the console which is most likely the recently released video marketplace. Another note to make is how the 65Nm processors which make less noise have been delayed, my guess is so they can be put into Zephyrs instead.

As one of the first adopters of the Xbox 360 (I camped out for one at BJ’s, I didn’t get one launch day at Best Buy but then found out BJ’s was getting in their shipment late so pulled my truck in front of the store and waited the long cold 30 degree weather for about ten hours)  I am mad at this. I enjoy my Xbox 360 but why should we, the early adopters be forced to pay a big fee to upgrade, the current 20GB HDD costs $100, imagine what a 120GB would cost. Microsoft will have to handle the way they annouce this carefully. I don’t care about the HDMI port as my TV isn’t 1080p and my games look fine but I need a bigger hard drive.

There are about ten million Xbox 360 owners currently who will be screwed with this annoucement. The early adopters deserve something back or at least a coupon for a discount on the HDD or a controller (Microsoft profits $43 on each controller sold) It’ll be interesting to see what happens in the coming days and next week. What do you say?



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