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Xbox 360 Outsells Wii and PS3 but Umm….. Well The Gaming Industry Did Awful During the Holidays January 13, 2007

Posted by dpcough in Xbox/ Xbox 360 General.

Well during the holiday season here is the sales chart for hardware.
NPD console sales for December 2006

  • DS: 1.6 million (9.2 million life-to-date)
  • PlayStation 2: 1.4 million (37.1 million life-to-date)
  • Xbox 360: 1.1 million (4.5 million life-to-date)
  • PSP: 953.2k (6.7 million life-to-date)
  • Game Boy Advance: 850.7k (35.1 million life-to-date)
  • Wii: 604.2k (1.1 million life-to-date)
  • PS3: 490.7k (687.3k life-to-date)

So the Xbox 360 sold 1.1 Million units and a total of 4.5 million in America and a total of 10.4 million worldwide. Guess what Microsoft, you have just sold a console to all the nerds and tech geeks of the world.

4.5 Million and 1.1 Million during the holidays isn’t bad but come on! There are over 300 million Americans, the numbers are bad in the end. Gears of War sold 3 million copies which is great, but there are 10.4 million 360s out there – more than half the market didn’t play this game.

Gaming is fun but isn’t mainstream, the extra $10 price tag certainly doesn’t help on next generation games. Gaming needs to be mainstream. I can’t really think of a fix other than make games, make good games, make games for everyone. Look at movies, they get big trailers and audiences and followings. Video gaming does but not by as many people. Happy Feet made more money than Gears of War in the theaters. Microsoft did a good job promotion Gears and everything with Xbox 360 but I know there is more and more people who will game.

I don’t know how to convince anyone or get people to start. The only real way to fix it is simple to me – ads, ads, ads, ads. Billboards for video gaming and trailers before movies with video games – if it works with movies why not video game trailers with the movie trailers.

You may have just thought you read a post full of crap and you are confused but its not, gaming isn’t mainstream and the sales indicate it as not many Americans play video games, get teh games and they’ll play and advertise.

The mainstream wants it, come on Microsoft! IPTV and other features help but I just don’t know if gaming will ever be as mainstream as we all want it to be but it should be.




1. Rollin - January 15, 2007

Sorry but games most definitely aren’t mainstream and are far from it. They are barely mainstream among the youth. If any platform can get close, it’s either Wii, DS, or PS2; Microsoft would be the last man in. Yet they won’t. They can reach lots of people through the countless game types and interesting things they do, but to get mainstream you need to be accessible, and gaming is both too young and too inaccessible to get to that plateau.

We’re a good 10+ years off from thinking about that as a possibility. You can’t go by the population numbers or by what the movie business does. Tons and tons of things factor into it, and ads certainly won’t do jack to change the situation.

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