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EGM Rumor Mill February 2007 January 14, 2007

Posted by dpcough in Xbox/ Xbox 360 General.

Every month EGM has a rumor mill section. Whoever writes it is about 50-50 with his rumors he puts in the magazine. These month’s rumors are good for Xbox 360.

If you remember a few months back (October issue if you’re a little brain dead), I had a tidbit that the reanimated return of Dead Rising would land exclusively on the PS3. Well, seems Sony’s plans met an early grave. Yep, my undead sources tell me Microsoft delievered a marvelous moneyhat to Capcom in order to keep Dead Rising 2 a 360 exclusive.


There are hints that Capcom has started Dead Rising 2 but no announcements have been made. The first title recently surpassed one million copies sold worldwide so it’s a lock for a sequel. It is good news to know it is staying an Xbox 360 exclusive, if a few kinks are worked out it will be one of the best games to come out in 2007, or 2008 whenever it releases.

Before the PS3 joined the console race, Sony’s beefy system gobbled up a bunch of great exclusives like Metal Gear Solid 4, Devil May Cry 4, and Virtua Fighter 5. But not that publishers are seeing the sytem sales, the thought of exclusivity ain’t so lucrative anymore. In fact, I caught wind many PS3 “exclusives” will either be pushed to 2008 or will also appear on the 360 to cover both the development costs and small user base of the PS3.


This rumor has credibilty. Virtua Fighter 5 was announced that it will come to Xbox 360 in spring or summer this year, a few months after the PS3 version release. Capcom has been supporting Xbox 360 pretty heavily so it would make sense to see Devil May Cry 4 come to 360 because the fact is it won’t make profits with the PS3’s userbase. Metal Gear Solid 4 keeps appearing in rumors everywhere and this is one it is in again. It could lose the PS3’s exclusivity to make profit and would make sense. Hopefully it does, many PS3 exclusives are shifting over so it’d be nice to see more games come over 360 side.

Developer Epic’s next frag-heavy shooter is currently a PS3 exlusive. Or at least it was – I learned Unreal Tournament 2007 is also heading to the Xbox 360.


Epic has been showing Xbox 360 a lot of support and produced the best title in Gears of War. Everyone had a feeling it would come to Xbox 360 and it just seemed like a good fit because of the best online network in an online heavy game. This game is as good as Halo 3 and some feel it is better. It’s a good addition to the Xbox 360 library.

The rest of the rumors deal with PSP and PS3’s “Downloadable Service” so nothing special. This month’s rumors are likely to turn out to be true, all Xbox 360 owners will have more fantastic games to play in 2007 making it one of the best years for gaming yet.



1. cema - January 15, 2007

It’s funny, because originally PS3 had so many exclusives, but eventually, after sales took their tole, it failed miserably. People who own them don’t use them for gaming, but rather as a blueray player. However, people buy the other 2 for their games.

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