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Wario’s Smooth Moves, None in Sight For Xbox 360 January 22, 2007

Posted by dpcough in Xbox/ Xbox 360 General.

I purchased Warioware Smooth Moves a few days ago and really have enjoyed it. Its quirk and easiness is fun and when friends are around its a blast. It appeals to hardcore and casual alike. This is what the Nintendo Wii needs in a time where it just got released to show off the controller’s true potential but I also realized that Xbox 360 has nothing like this at all.

I have been thinking about it for a bit if Xbox 360 has any games that come close to the five second microgame frenzy with over 200 microgames on a disc. Alright, so Xbox 360 doesn’t have microgames or even a party game yet but one comes out in a week or so in Fuzion Frenzy 2 so there’s a game for the casual crowd. There is also Xbox Live Arcade but the casual gamers typically don’t have Xbox Live so they don’t buy from Xbox Live Arcade. Xbox 360 also have Viva Pinata and Cars (lol at Cars, can’t believe it was the number 2 selling title this year across all platforms.)

This is a bad problem to have for Microsoft. There really aren’t any games that everyone can enjoy. Smooth Moves everyone can enjoy but it is a Wii game, we need an Xbox 360 game like this so I came up with a solution. Look below at the picture of people.



That’s the very diverse Warioware cast, there’s even more who aren’t in that picture. So where does Microsoft start to develop a title that has mass appeal in their character library?


Alright, not so massive appeal but Viva Pinata has a ton of interesting characters and Rare could easily mix in Banjo, Kameo, and more to make an enjoyable game and make many. Microsoft, you have a franchise in Pinata – don’t blow it – remember Rare made good games before and can again so make something, anything. Microsoft has enough characters – heck license them off to another studio and watch them make magic. We need more casual games, I’m not so sure of the pinatas that massive of an appeal but if you throw a Halo spartan in it you know it will sell a million copies and spread some pinata excitement and make Viva Pinata sales better to so it’s a win-win.

We need something like the Wario games!



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