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I’m Back and Here Comes The Tap February 5, 2007

Posted by dpcough in Xbox Live Arcade, Xbox/ Xbox 360 General.

I was gonna stay up in the Poconos another night but got a bit hurt when I fell today so I came back to my house and am back online! I had fun and colts won! Now if McNabb can be traded to Bears for some draft picks that’d be better. Grossman should’ve had MVP though, without him the Colts wouldn’t of gotten as many chances to score and a touchdown.

Anyway I’m not gonna go and post all the news I missed out on – I have to catch up myself on Xbox 360 news. The most recent thing that I’ll report is how Root Beer Tapper is this week’s Xbox Live Arcade game at 400 Microsoft Points. Get ready to get the beer and crack a keg open when it’s released Wednesday.

I’ll get back to my regular postings soon when I settle back down after my weekend. While I was in the Poconos, Mike from thexboxdomain (I staff there) was over in Redmond playing through Crackdown!  

As we go on  into next month and beyond Live Gamer has a lot in store with many new exciting changes and fixes. Look for more content and more starting with a developer interview when the questions get answered and a few more things. Let’s keep 2007 a rolling.




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