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Pinatas and Elves for the DS? February 13, 2007

Posted by dpcough in Xbox/ Xbox 360 General.

In an interview with 1up Microsoft’s Shane Kim when asked of games on the DS here is how he responded:

“A Kameo or a Viva Pinata on a DS makes a lot of sense in a lot of ways from a franchise perspective.”

I think this definitely makes sense. Viva Pinata has sold less than 220K copies in the U.S. (not on Nex Gen’s list of best sellers, so it sold less than 220K.) It is obviously one of the most important franchises as it can lure in non gamers and younger children – an audience Microsoft needs to have Xbox 360 a success. The DS has a huge userbase and if Viva Pinata and Kameo both had only one game for the DS each with Xbox 360 logos everywhere and never made a game for the DS with them again – the little kids will want Xbox 360 to continue playing Pinatas.

Even more evidence for its case is that Rare developed Diddy Kong Racing DS, a title that had kinks but for a first time DS developer Rare did an excellent job. They were just testing waters I bet to see how to develop I bet, now comes the Pinata and Kameo.

This clearly makes sense and should be the direction Microsoft goes in. So what system will the Viva Pinata kart racer hit this year – DS or Xbox 360? (They are working on a Kart racer at Rare with Viva Pinata, I’ve seen enough convincing evidence.)




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