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Xbox Rewards Marketing Info Released February 14, 2007

Posted by dpcough in Xbox/ Xbox 360 General.

Update from Major Nelson on why the Xbox Rewards site sucks and won’t let me register even though I did twice then it makes me do it again:

Thank you for the incredible response to Xbox Rewards. The gaming community’s interest has temporarily overloaded our servers and caused delays for those trying to register.

To help ensure everyone who wants to participate has the opportunity, the Old Spice Experience Challenge will be extended by three days. Now you have until April 15th 2007 to increase your Gamerscore by 1,500.

As a bonus, we are adding more rewards for this challenge, which means more gamers who successfully complete the challenge will get rewarded.

Our development team is hard at work to fix the problem. We expect the web site will be ready in 48 hours, please be patient and check back periodically.

At least more rewards were added, hopefully Fuzion Frenzy 2 was added for Level 2 or maybe Viva Pinata was for all the people who don’t like it to give it a chance (that would’ve been smartest move Microsfot if you are reading this, you can’t sell Pinata so give it away.)

Anyway at least they’re working on it. That shows how Microsoft doesn’t set their expectations high, they only expected two people to go to the site so thousands did and it got overcrowed – duh! Climb that hill Microsoft! It’s alright the problem will be fixed soon!




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