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Black 360 $479.99 February 17, 2007

Posted by dpcough in Xbox/ Xbox 360 General.

Today I was at Hollywood Video with my Xbox Live Diamond card to rent two video games as it is buy one get one free always. I peeked into Game Crazy which is typically empty but they were talking about a new black Xbox 360. The employee who asked not to be named said they were taking pre-orders on a Black Xbox 360 to release in May for $479.99, he didn’t exactly say that he was sure it was black but he was a guy who reads the gaming websites and that was his prediction. So will the Black Xbox 360 release in May? More details soon most likely. Would you buy a new Xbox 360? I’m fine with mine and prefer the white version but the rumored larger HDD is more appealing to me than the 20 GB one.




1. Store Director - February 18, 2007

Just to stop the rumors before they go any further. I’m a Store Director of a Game Crazy store and there is (as of the posting of this comment-as I just called my store) no Black Xbox 360 in our system, nor any mention of any new systems, nor anything priced $479.99.

Hope that helps a bit, I feel bad for the guys who thought they had good information.

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