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People Like Free Demos, They Really Do February 18, 2007

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Welcome to a new part of Live Gamer! Every week when Major Nelson gives his stats for the week of Arcade demos there will be analysts of the list. Welcome to the first of many. So every Sunday now there’ll be editorials and more!

This week the usual heavy hitters remained in their top spots with Gears of War on top again then Call of Duty 3 and Rainbow Six Vegas like usual with Madden, Oblivion, and Lost Planet filling the voids in between the retail games then to my shock 4 games had demos in the top 10. The two EA Titles Homecourt and Icon and then Crackdown and GRAW 2. People download demos because they are free and want to try out a game before it is released. The demos are free too, remember they are free so we download them. So that begs the question if Best Buy had an Xbox 360 game for free regardless of if it had ads in it would you buy it and play it? We would… just giving developers an idea – a budget title with some ads that is free… people will play it. Come on, the Sonic demo cracked the top ten the week it came out and it sucked! People like free stuff.


Paperboy really was total crap this week on Arcade it didn’t even crack the top ten, usually an Arcade game gets attention its first week but Paperboy didn’t crack top ten, while it maintained top in Arcade that is expected from a title’s first week release. Paperboy really sucked though. Full list after the break.

Xbox 360 Top Live Titles (UU’s)
1 Gears of War
2 Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Vegas
3 Call Of Duty 3
4 DEF JAM: ICON (Demo)
5 Crackdown (Demo)
6 Madden NFL 07
7 Lost Planet
9 Oblivion
10 GRAW 2 (Demo)

Top Arcade Titles (Full Versions)
1 Paperboy
2 Root Beer Tapper
4 Heavy Weapon
5 Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3
6 Contra
7 Texas Hold ’em
8 Geometry Wars Evolved
9 Street Fighter II’ Hyper Fighting
10 Small Arms

Original Xbox Top Live Games (XBOX IS DIEING)
1 Halo 2
2 Battlefield 2: MC
3 Madden NFL 07
4 Star Wars: Battlfrnt 2
5 Counter-Strike
6 Call of Duty 3
7 Forza Motorsport
8 Ghost Recon 2
9 PGR 2
10 Rainbow Six 3


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