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Fable 2 Keynote March 8, 2007

Posted by dpcough in GDC 07.


The new revolutionary feature of Fable 2 is a dog! Molyneux’s key note was titled “Putting Innovation into Fable 2, or how to live up to promises.” Fable didn’t live up to promises so if you succeed in Fable 2 when you get home your kid will look like you and grow with you. They will also run in if you succeed in something and will be disappointed when you fail.

You also have a dog that loves you, everything you do the dog learns from and reacts to the best of situations. The dog you don’t control but it will always find you somehow if you abandon it. This may seem like not a great feature but when you play it I bet you’ll like it. From what I read in the press kit it seems amazing. Below are two new concepts. Click on them for a larger image. Maybe Fable 2 will live up to promises by Molyneux, who knows?





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2. lovell08 - March 9, 2007

Man I can’t wait to play Fable 2. One problem I didn’t like about the first one was Jack of Blades was so much more harder than dragon you had to fight in the Lost Chapters. I hope they take their time with this game and make it best as possible!

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