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Halo by Jackson is Episodic March 8, 2007

Posted by dpcough in GDC 07, halo.

Back at X06 Peter Jackson participated in the keynote by Peter Moore and explained about story telling in video games and how so much is untapped in the industry still and that he’d be working on a Halo game. That’s good to know but no other news came out of X06 other than Halo game by Jackson on the project and he can talk good in front of a crowd. During the Blogger Breakfast at GDC people asked about the project. The response was this: “Our deal with Peter is not about a film guy who wants to make video games. We’re in the design phase now. The first series will be set in the Halo universe. In addition to this deal, Jackson continues to executive produce the currently on hiatus Halo feature film.” Peter Jackson is working with Bungie on making a new chapter in the Halo universe that will be episodic. It’s Halo so it will be on a disc most likely as the Halo 2 Multiplayer Map pack sold great in retail.

This is one of two episodic series Microsoft is working on. What’s the other one? Maybe they consider Mass Effect it or it is another one set in Halo. Hopefully the releases are timed correctly as an episode shouldn’t be two years apart like Half-Life 2’s episodes.




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