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Fable 2 More Information March 12, 2007

Posted by dpcough in Xbox/ Xbox 360 General.

The big news on Fable 2 at GDC was the dog, other than that no one knows a lot about Fable 2. The dog got the most coverage but Molyneux also talked about other points in Fable 2. Here are the key points he made from Xbox 360 Fanboy who attended the event.

  • Players can pick a male or female hero
  • Players can choose to have protected or unprotected sex (and yes, there are STDs) Note: Jack Thompson is sending out notices to Lionhead now if we go by past instances.
  • Female heroes can get pregnant
  • Players can have children
  • The world responds to your “hero-ness”
  • Two new character morphs (besides Good/Evil): cruelty/kindness and wealth/poverty
  • Own every single piece of property
  • Players can become king

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