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Shadowrun in June, Windows Live in May March 14, 2007

Posted by dpcough in Xbox/ Xbox 360 General.

Today Microsoft announced that the Games of Windows Live Service will launch along with Halo 2 for Vista on May 8, 2007 when Halo 2 for Vista releases.

It will be very similar to Xbox Live with a few features cut out and a bit of difference that will likely change overtime as Windows Live has more titles added to its library. Here are the features of Silver and Gold on Windows Live.

Silver Membership Features
• Single gamertag
• Common gamer profile
• Common gamerscore
• Single player achievements
• Private chat via text and voice
• Common friends list and online presence
• PC only multiplayer including browsing a list of active PC games

Gold Membership Features
• All Silver membership features
• Multiplayer matchmaking with friends
• TrueSkill™ matchmaking
• Multiplayer achievements
• Cross-platform gameplay

Also a detail was slipped into the press release on Shadowrun. It stated the release date was June 2006. May and June will be like Christmas for gamers and summer won’t even be a drought this year. Mass Effect, Shadowrun, Forza, Bioshock, Madden 2008, a ton of arcade games, and more will help the usual Summer drought.

Shadowrun is an excellent title and I’ve played it a lot on the beta. I can’t say any more than that because of the NDA but in June 2006 I can when I’m beating you all on Xbox Live.




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