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Pinata Problems March 18, 2007

Posted by dpcough in Xbox/ Xbox 360 General.

Viva Pinata hasn’t been the most successful franchise debut for Microsoft, it’s gone rather bad. So why isn’t it doing that good? Invisible Man brought up two good points about why it isn’t doing so hot. I agree with both points on why the kids aren’t embracing it, even if my little brother loves it and keeps asking when toys come out for it (Microsoft says this year) and he wonder why the toys weren’t out during Christmas when the game came out. I can’t answer that question but the points Invisible Man made are good, here they are:


The two problems I see with the Viva Piñata franchise are:1 – Unlike the Pokémon, these piñatas talk. And they sound like every other kids cartoon show out there.

2 – Unlike Animal Crossing or Pokémon, the objective or your relation to the characters, especially when you think of real piñatas, is VERY confusing! I mean, are they beaten down with a stick until they break open and we (or other piñatas) eat their contents? Do we get prizes if we “kill” them, like real piñatas? Are they like animals, and do you own them, like Pokémon, or are they their own sentient beings that own stuff and go about their business, like Animal Crossing residents?

The only way to get an idea of why we want to play this game is by buying it, which makes it difficult to market.



1. InvisibleMan - March 19, 2007

Thanks for the credit, dpcough!

I might add, to the first point, that the most successful “community” video games (the Sims, Animal Crossing, etc.) use only “simulated” voices for their characters. Also, the most celebrated video game “cartoony” characters (Mario, Sonic in the old days, Yoshi, Pokémon within its games, etc.) never actually had real voices. You can practically guarantee that if you add real voices to a cute or iconic character, the results are going to be disastrous…

Now, does the Viva Piñata characters have real dialogue in the game, like they show on TV and in the kiosk demos? If they don’t, they should reflect that in the demos!

2. dpcough - March 19, 2007

Your welcome, and the pinatas do not talk in the game but talk everywhere else so people think they are the same in the game.

3. InvisibleMan - March 19, 2007

Well, that’s bad marketing right there for ya! This is one instance where the accompanying TV show, intended to boost sales, does a disservice to the video game… In the case of Pokémon, the TV show came about much later than the video game, so it didn’t have a bad influence on the sales of later versions of the game.

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