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The Xbox’s Mainstream Test April 14, 2007

Posted by dpcough in Xbox/ Xbox 360 General.

In Geoff Keighley’s last ever column in OXM it talked about how the Wii so far has been successful. He also asked a question, “Does a mainstream consumer even know how to set up an Xbox Live account?” So I am conducting a test, results will be shown tommorow.



1. InvisibleMan - April 16, 2007

Please! If you know how to hook up the Xbox, there is not much complication in setting up the LIVE account!

The question is, does a mainstream consumer have any reason to set up an Xbox LIVE account?

2. Matt Ranlett - April 16, 2007

Heck yes, a consumer has a reason to set up an Xbox Live account. Now, if they don’t understand the value of being able to pick up and play games with people at any time of day or night, or the value of being able to make friends with people you’ll probably never see face to face – that’s a failure of marketing. Personally, I don’t buy a game anymore unless the Xbox Live integration is truly excellent. Gears of War, Rainbow Six, Uno, etc. Games played alone aren’t nearly as much fun as games played with people who can laugh and cry with you.

3. InvisibleMan - April 17, 2007

I’m with you, Matt… but we ARE regular gamers! I know friends who have an Xbox and would be considered “regular consumers” that I’ve been trying to convince over the years to get connected, and how half the game’s value is in playing against other people via LIVE,… and nothing! They just feel they are going to get creamed out there when they face true “hardcore gamers”. I can see that, but, c’mon! I get beaten all the time and I still think it is far more fun to get beaten by a real person 90% of the time than beating the computer every time!

4. sonam - May 15, 2007

when i put in my wep pass word it wont let me get my ip adress after i typed it into the xbox 360 what do i do

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