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Good Read April 15, 2007

Posted by dpcough in Community.

The team over at OEDB (Online Education Database) sent me an e-mail about a guide to entering the Video Game Industry as a career. It’s is one of the better guides out there and best of all it’s free. If you ever want to enter the Video Game Industry you should give it a read by clicking here. I’ve never read any guides and this was my first. I like this one part in the guide the best:

Participate in forums and start a gamer blog. You can also learn a lot about the gaming industry through gamer Web sites or blogs and even more if you start one. If you’re an experienced gamer, you probably are passionate about this industry, and that’s one attribute that commercial game developers want in an employee. Try to write in complete sentences and use correct grammar as you communicate in forums and blogs, as this writing experience will help you if you plan to go to the top of the game development ladder.

I can check myself off there, video game career here I come in a few years well…. if I knew programming and I lot more.




1. InvisibleMan - April 16, 2007

I hope that guide includes the requisite of learning how to live without consuming food and in the outdoors, because those jobs don’t pay much, if they pay at all!

Keep that daytime job after you join the industry…

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