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Changes May 2, 2007

Posted by dpcough in 360 Live News.

Hey guys, after thinking it through I’ve decided to go through with some changes with the site.

I will no longer be blogging for The Xbox Domain, I will finish up with a few posts and be on my way.

See, the site just got too big. I was posting every little news item, which was in turn way too much for me and work. It’s not that fun to sit and wait for news to break unless I was getting paid over at IGN.

I was on the computer too much and that’s not a good thing at all.

So know there will be one column every Sunday about gaming. It will be on a variety of things. The first topic to be addressed this Sunday came to me naturally, here’s a summary.

Getting Out of the Game, Before the Game Takes You

This will turn some heads but will make you hopefully have a new mindset. We will still do  coverage on news items but not as frequent. For up to the minute news I rec commend you check out The Xbox Domain.

This decision was easy to come to and there will still be one column every Sunday like a newspaper column almost but its online and coverage of big news. A.K.A. When I play Halo 3 beta. Changes are being made but on Sunday everyone will realize they may have some to make too.




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