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2 new things today May 9, 2007

Posted by havoc2638 in 360 Live News, Xbox Live Arcade.

Well guys we got some big news today…the new spring update is now out and I”ll be the first to tell you it is good…there is only one problem…the people who have child accounts(which means that you started before you were 18)we CANT use the Windows Messenger just because we have a child account…is that a little ridiculous??? Well other than that the update is great, I give a lot of props to Xbox Live for the great new dashboard.

Other news today…Double Dragon is out today and its only 400 Microsoft Points.


– havoc2638



1. jacob - May 9, 2007

i cant use messenger either. its soooo stupid! i have sent microsoft an email but there all gay so probly wont respond they didnt last time. i dont reli like the ps3 but at the moment its doing better in my books.

2. James - May 9, 2007

I have to agree, 100%
I use messenger anyway on my laptop, how is this in any way ‘protecting’ me from…anyone?
All people on my chat list require my approval first…
And how is banning text chat (not even to require approval from parents’) safer than allowing video and voice?

Any developments in how to get round this feel free to drop me a line, otherwise it’s back to phoning/complaining to Microsoft!
J.E.MintyFresh AT Gmail.Com

3. I Was Drunk At 4 - May 9, 2007

I’ve been so excited about the MSN to XBL thing for like a month now, and finally it comes out and I can’t use it because I have a child account? GAHHHHHHHH!!!! Just two weekends ago I called 1800-4MY-XBOX to ask if it could be switched because I wanted to be able to see banner ads when in my dashboard. First the guy said that it could easily be fixed, but then he told me he was mistaken and the truth is that the only way to change my account type would be to create a new Gamertag and shit. This is so stupid. I already tried calling them again today, and the lines are busy. Hopefully I could get my account changed (or at least be granted the ability to use Windows Live Messenger on XBL), or I’ll … ahhhhh!

4. someguy9 - May 9, 2007
5. A pissed off gamer - May 9, 2007

I completely agree. This pisses me the fuck off. I had the same luck trying to call Xbox Support. After 5 minutes of reasoning with the stupid ass lady about the situation, I eventually started losing it with her when she started persuading me to close the account and make a new one. The REALLY isnt fair for those of us who were under 18 at the time we created the account and have since turned 18. I pay just as much as any other adult who plays live, and yet am denied access to this feature. I wonder if something along the lines of a petition to Microsoft is would work… Until MS finds a way to fix this fucked up problem, I guess were all pretty much screwed.

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