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Halo 3 is Big, MTV Covers It May 14, 2007

Posted by dpcough in halo.

So how do you know a game is huge? I know how a game is huge, if it sells over a million copies at least and generates some hype for it. Sure Gears of War went all well and great but Microsoft has sold over seven million copies of Halo 2 so who’s to say this new game called Halo 3 is gonna be huge when it comes out?

According to Gamestop it has sold over 4 Million Pre-orders! The game is getting huge hype because the beta releases this Wednesday and it is being covered everywhere. Gamers of course pay attention but even MTV is paying attention to this huge game by giving it a story on their website even. While MTV does cover video games it generally only covers big ones and MTV is very MAINSTREAM meaning Halo 3 will be huge.

This game will bring in over 100 million on day one, there’s a prediction for you. It sold over 125 Million for Halo 2 meaning 100 million will be an easy haul. Anyone think Halo 3 could hit 200 Million on Day One? It could and maybe will with its $129 Legendary Edition.

Right now it’s time to wait because in less than two days it is time to play Halo 3 in beta mode.


– dpcough



1. InvisibleMan - May 14, 2007

You know what the funny thing is? Bungie hasn’t announced an official release date yet! “Fall 2007” is hardly a date…

I’ve never pre-ordered a game until the official date has been released by the developers, and won’t make an exception with Halo 3… But it will be hard to resist!

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