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Taking the Term Exclusive to Far May 14, 2007

Posted by dpcough in Xbox Live Marketplace.

I don’t want to complain, NBC was kind enough to put a Heroes theme and picture pack on Xbox Live Marketplace today, with 150 Microsoft Points for the theme and 80 for the picture pack. But there is one slight problem with it, by purchasing it we are essentially giving them ads for their shows on our gamercards. I’m not a big purchaser of picture packs. I just have my Saint Patrick Day and Philadelphia Eagles gamer pictures. But hey, NBC was nice enough to make these pictures that take a few minutes so if you are a fan of the show go and buy the pictures, I love the show but wouldn’t spend money on picture packs of a show. But then again if NBC made The Office Picture Pack I’d put the money down in a second.

Before this post is done I also want to point out Microsoft needs to stop using the term exclusive as much as it has been. Come on, they describe these packs as “Download these exclusive Gamer Pictures…” Well Xbox Live is the only place to get gamer pictures so I would think it is exclusive. While I’m at it here’s another ad for the fantastic show NBC has in a picture. But I know I’ll be watching tonight.


– dpcough



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