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Tommorow, Tommorow – UPDATE May 16, 2007

Posted by dpcough in Halo 3 Beta.

According to a report by Hexus gaming a source close to Bungie has stated this:

“A source close to Bungie tells us they’ve had huge problems with the server that unlocks the client to those who have a copy of Crackdown and that it will be some time before the problem is rectified; it’s been suggested that the client download may not be available until tomorrow.”

Everybody waited anxiously for the beta, then it doesn’t work. It should’ve been handled properly but wasn’t. Xbox Support is even stating the beta will be released tommorow. They were advertising the beta on IGN and everywhere, then the hype goes south and beta doesn’t work. I say the beta should be extended another week. If the Halo 3 Beta isn’t released by tommorow, well the there’ll be many more complainers.


*UPDATE* Frank has posted an update, the Microsoft team has identified the issue and it will be fixed within three to six hours. I’ll be in bed so no Halo 3 beta today for me.  This was a bad mistake, it should’ve been noticed at first. A title update will be issued to correct the issue within three to six hours. The beta is almost here for Crackdown owners. So how does Bungie make this up? EXTEND THE BETA A WEEK!

– dpcough



1. InvisibleMan - May 16, 2007

That picture is GOLD! It illustrates exactly what tomorrow will look like if Bungie doesn’t make this thing work…

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