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No Halo 3 Beta in Top Ten May 20, 2007

Posted by dpcough in Top Xbox Live Titles.

Here’s the Xbox Live Weekly Top 10. Halo 3 Beta is missing from the list because according to Major Nelson it showed up very late in the week. Crackdown will probably be moved up a lot, there were a lot of people waiting to download the beta but in the end it was for the best because the beta was extended four days. The Xbox Live Weekly Top Ten is after the break. Aegis Wing didn’t make the list for some reason, because it was free I thought a lot of people would play it. I guess I was wrong.


Xbox 360 Top Live Titles (UU’s)
1 Gears of War
2 Forza Motorsport 2 Demo
3 Crackdown
4 Blacksite Demo
5 Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Vegas
6 Guitar Hero II
7 Double Dragon
8 Call Of Duty 3
9 GRAW 2
10 Oblivion

Top Arcade Titles (Full Versions)
1 Double Dragon
2 Catan
3 Pinball FX
4 3D Ultra™ Minigolf Adventures
5 TMNT 1989 Arcade
6 Soltrio Solitaire
7 Worms
9 Castlevania: SOTN
10 Centipede & Millipede

Original Xbox Top Live Games
1 Halo 2
2 Battlefield 2: MC
3 Star Wars: Battlfrnt 2
4 Counter-Strike
5 Forza Motorsport
6 Madden NFL 07
7 Call of Duty 3
8 Ghost Recon 2
9 Rainbow Six 3
10 Splinter Cell Chaos



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