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About Us

I started blogging towards the end of July 2006 as a podcaster with the name Dpcough Radio with video game news. I enjoyed blogging and people enjoyed my podcast and making fun of it because it was so bad. I decided podcasting wasn’t even that fun for me and switched to this domain and became a blogger and undertook the name Live Gamer, after lots of changes. I post news, opinions, and more on Xbox 360 and video gaming. Anything about video games could pop up here. Enjoy the blog and send me any feedback you have. Let’s make this a great 2007!

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1. rwgober92 - July 26, 2006

im not to sure of what your saying this is… but i would like to help if i can… that is, if you are a one-man pod-cast rite now….

by the way, my main computer is broke and this one that im using rite now isnt always available to me, so if you do respond then please be patient..

well, get back to me.


email: rwgober92@yahoo.com

(im doing a website rite now as well…. check it out

http://www.chroniclesofavendale.moonfruit.com/ )

2. Max - June 2, 2007

Your site has got a lot of good stuff. I know it must be hard to keep up with the latest news it takes time so im guessing that why your leaving it in 10 days. But you shouldnt put it on private you should just leave it open. So people can still check it out.

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